This is a little IOT device that tells the user what to wear, should they be bringing their shades with them or will there be a need for an umbrella by displaying a series of icons on screen. Thus ending the meaningless conversations between couples: "What should I wear honey?"

On the electronics side of the things I've used the esp8266 and the accompanying u8glib library. The weather data is pulled from Wunderground.

I have converted a set of icons into bit array and created a set of rules for the corresponding weather situations.

I've designed the case in Fusion360 and printed in PLA. For my luck the prints came out so good i didn't need to do any post processing on them which rarely happens... The bottom part of the case just slides into the top part with ease which makes it easier for making adjustments while prototyping. 
I've fixed the oled module with a glue gun and just stuffed everyrhing else in the case.
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